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Discussion in 'Laser Wanted Ads' started by Goonie, Oct 3, 2002.

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  1. Goonie

    Goonie Guest

    I am looking for a Laser II anywhere within The southern Ontario, Western NY region. I am looking for a Laser II in Great Condition with great sails, Spinnaker launch tube and of course a Spinnaker! A trailer and dolly would be very useful!
  2. Goonie

    Goonie Guest

    Ok maybe I was being a bit to excited. Great is to strong a word you are right. Anybody have a boat?
  3. Goonie

    Goonie Guest

    C'mon people I need a BOAT!!!
  4. Erichorn4

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    1984 Laser 2 For sale
    (all things listed as new have only been used 5 times)
    (reason for sale: building a time to sail )

    Hull in great shape (some minor scratches)
    New and old blades (rudder and centerboard)
    New and old sails (main, jib) (original chute in good shape)
    NEW Harken moring cover (grey color)
    Racing tiller extension
    new lines
    new harken blocks
    2 harnesses
    NO spin. pole (was broken)
    NEW nice to have! blade bag (for laser or laser 2, canvas)
    NEW racing type bailer NEVER used or installed (original one works still)

    galvanized Trailer included, new tires/rims bearings.

    Asking $3500 for everything...sails excellent and looks like new on the water. Will deliver for free!

    Thanks for looking!

  5. Goonie

    Goonie Guest

    Just a little late ;).
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