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Discussion in 'Sailing Talk' started by tomc938, Mar 6, 2010.

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    I just purchase a Laser II with only hull and sail.

    Could someone point me to where I could find dimensions on the rudder, daggerboard, mast, boom and rigging directions?

    Thanks so much!

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    Brace yourself!
    These parts like the boom and mast may only be had from current boat owners, as myself. I paid $200 for a hull alone, which is hard enough to come by. Then I found someone in NJ and traveled to pick up the used mast for another $300. I bought the last remaining boom for a factory sale 18 months back(so lucky), when I bought a Laser XD there. The mast & boom are only Motor Freight Shippable, so if you do find one it's going to cost big money for shipping them. Most likely you will pay roughly $500-1000 for spares and standing rigging. The rudder blade costs $200 @, Dagger-board @ $200 used (if found), or new $350 (if someone still has one that was never used). I can sell an older dagger-board with damage cheap, or another used one for $200. I however will sell a completely rigged 1990 LaserII for $1800, or a 1988 for $1600.
    I am planning on working on installing to either boat, the $500 Factory Spinnaker Launch Tube (very last sold). I will then try to get $2200 OBO for this LaserII.
    Do you mind telling how much you paid?

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