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Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by pleon5045, Sep 29, 2002.

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    a friend of mine just gave me the laser coach cd for my birthday, and i really like it, but i was wondering how best to benefit from it. there just seems to be a lot of info on it, and too much to process at one time.
    should i just set aside a morning/evening to go through the whole thing? or do bits as i feel i need them?
    anyones thoughts on the cd woujld be great.
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    You own it. :D

    How are the video illustrations, I heard that there a little scetchy.?
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    Regarding the Laser 2000 CD-ROM, yes the video is a bit sketchy. But could not be better on one CD-ROM.

    For a full, detailed review (the most detailed review) of the CD-ROM, consult the drLaser "Boat Handling" section at

    (BTW: Bookmark the core page instead of starting at the entry page all the time.)

    Now, studying the CD-ROM is not one day affair! In fact, some sections, such as that on Kinetics, is a matter of months and frame by frame analysis.

    For members of ILCA, a series of articles are available on the drLaser "Boat Handling" section, all based on such frame by frame analysis of the LaserCoach CD-ROM.

    Upwind Kinetics
    PART 1: Techniques - Robert Sheidt in waves
    (by Shevy Gunter)


    Upwind Kinetics
    PART 2: Sequencing & control of the kinetic moves -
    Robert Scheidt shows it off
    (by Shevy Gunter)

    Do you need more reasons to join your local Class Association?
    They will surely be provided :)

    Stay wet!

    Shevy Gunter

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