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    Laser sail no. 61450 for sale: $1500

    Great starter boat package that has proven to be competitive at club/regional level. Stiff, solid hull with simple racing setup. I am the second owner of this boat; it has seen very few hours on the water, even less of which are racing hours.

    Hull: Structurally-sound, solid boat. No holes ever, mast step never broken- has been re-anchored with epoxy and fiberglass tape. Bottom has scrapes from previous (original) owner, major gouges have been filled.

    Deck is very stiff, as is cockpit.

    Spars: New lower section purchased 3 years ago. All are straight and in great shape.

    Controls: Fully adjustable, new style outhaul and cunningham led to deck. Vang is original Holt Allen w/ added purchase-- not legal for big events. Clew hook and strap included. High-strength endura braid traveller line. 6mm mainsheet. All control lines are non-stretch.

    Sails: - 3-year-old standard APS practice sail with correct sail number. Used about 15 times ever.

    • Original ragged-out sail. (Take it if you want it)

    Foils: - Crompton daggerboard in good shape, has had tip replaced.

    • Original wooden rudder faired w/ epoxy and microballoons and polyester filler. Has two fresh coats of varnish. Could be wet-sanded if desired.

    Extras: - Gorilla tiller and extension.

    • Intensity sails dolly w/ no-flat tires and gunwale supports.

    • Spare lower mast section

    • Rooster hiking strap

    • MkII daggerboard brake

    • Autobailer

    • New class-legal rudderhead

    • Tyvek deck cover

    • New Harken deck cleats

    • Mast retainer line

    • Vang quick pin

    Contact: Bryn:

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