J24 Sail Loft Clean Out

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    2009 North main used less then 12 days- $700 '09 Worlds measured
    2009 North Pentex Gen. used less then 12 days-$700 '09 Worlds measured
    2009 North FR2 Spin used less then 12 days-$900 '09 Worlds measured

    2007 North Spin $400 Was rebuilt after a tear but still "crispy"

    2006 North Main very good condition. $400 Great wednesday night/beercan sail

    2004? North Main in good condition. Practice sail. $150

    199-? Sound sail. Has not seen sunlight in 10yrs + You can have it for $50.

    Please call me with any questions. I do not check this thread often so please email/call me directly.

    Brent Ellwood

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