J24 Keel bolt frozen

Discussion in 'J/24 Talk' started by PJF, Nov 2, 2017.

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    I recently purchased a 1981 J24 at auction (cheap). Small cracks in the paint around the aft section of the keel and separation of the filler from the inside sump wall around the aft two bolts likely mean I have to remove the filler and redo the sump around the aft two bolts? The aft two nuts were not tightened down to the filler which is likely why the paint was cracking as the keel moved. I ran a die over the aft two bolts to remove whatever resin/gunk was there, but the aft keel bolt nuts won't move. Is using an impact wrench ok to remove one bolt at a time? I am letting the penetrating oil soak as I write. I would ask waterline systems, but the are out of business. thanks!

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