News: International J/24 Class Modifies Regatta Regulation for 2014 World Championship in Newport, RI

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    The International J/24 Class Association (IJCA) Executive Committee recently approved a request by the Organizer to modify the World Championship Regulation number 4.3 to increase the number of available entries per level of paid members to help increase the potential participation in the 2014 World Championship in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. The change affects all countries with 26 members or more. The change was made due to an overall decrease in memberships throughout the world due to the economic climate that the US and Europe is currently experiencing.

    The following Matrix will be in use for the 2014 J/24 World Championship and will affect qualifying systems in each member country in 2013. Each country should determine their potential World Championship entries as soon as possible and clearly communicate to their members how the slot or slots will be filled.

    New Matrix for IJCA Regatta Regulation 4.3
    Paid IJCA Members
    World Championship Entries
    1 – 25
    26 – 50
    51 – 150
    151 – 250
    251 – 500
    500 – 750
    Each Additional 250

    This change was not made lightly and hopefully achieves the goal of preserving the high level of competition, international feel and level of attendance the Class expects for this prestigious event. This modification has been granted, at this time, for the 2014 World Championship only.

    Christopher E. Howell
    Executive Director, IJCA

    Carter White
    2014 J/24 World Championship Regatta Chair

    Robin Eagleson
    IJCA Chair

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