Installing A Hiking Strap

Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by SeanFish, Apr 22, 2012.


Which Hike straps are better?

  1. Padded

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  2. Nonpadded

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  1. SeanFish

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    I've had a 1970 sunfish for a year now and I want to start taking it out into some REAL wind. To do this I realized I have to install a hiking strap. The only thing is I have no idea how to do this. Everywhere I look it is a bunch of complicated straps and screws can someone show me a step by step tutorial or video?
  2. beldar boathead

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    I don't know of any videos. Did you go here? do I install hiking strap

    For an older boat like that, to eliminate having to put in more than one inspection port, I follow the directions on attaching the front of the strap to the cockpit lip. For the rear point, since you don't have the storage cubbyhole, follow the advice on using an inspection port to mount the back of the strap to the bottom of the cockpit wall. It is not too complicated. You need 4 sets of nuts, bolts and washers, 2 padeyes, 1 hiking strap, some short pieces of line, and one inspection port and associated screws or rivets to hold it in place, plus a tube of silicone. You can order thsi stuff from our sponsor APS and have it in a couple days. BB
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  3. brianZ71

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    What he said, but in response to your poll up top, I'd highly recommend the strap from intensity. It's really nice and padded, and way cheaper than any other I've seen on the market.
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