Holes in Boom and Lower Mast

Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by bwn2855, Dec 10, 2012.

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    I have some drill holes in my boom and lower mast from where a prior owner moved boom blocks and the XD vang fitting on my lower mast. What is the best way to fill the holes so they are air tight? I have read you can use some different fillers. Would it be ok if I just stuck a rivet in the hole and put some 4200 in the hole before I install the rivet?

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    Why do they need to be air tight? There are holes at the ends of spars anyway. But putting a rivet in the drill holes would be a good idea.
  3. Wavedancer

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    Duct tape; the ultimate solution to just about everything...
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    Use Aluminum rivets with clear silicone. 3M 4200 makes a mess and is no better. No sealant is required with duct tape. It fixes everything all by its lonesome.
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    Aluminum rivets work well to fill in the holes, you just want to cover the holes so debris doesn't get in (sand ect), water will get in there anyway so sealing the holes on the spars isn't needed

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