History Question- Two Tone Hull???

Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by David Mast, Oct 5, 2016.

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    I've searched a bunch and can't quite find the answer I'm seeking. I have a rescue Hull and in the process of restoring it to operation. I'm fixing all the Hull problems and going to get rid of some spider cracks while I'm at it. Near as I can figure it's a 1989 made by Laser International in Ontario Can. I have seen some posts saying they made two tone Hulls in the 70's and 80's, but that they were colored side and a white bottom. Mine is vise versa. This belonged to a Yacht Club and at first I thought it might had been anti-fouling bottom paint or ablation paint, because I never seen anti-fouling in that color. Pulling the Bailer and seeing the pristine coating and though the fading is uneven, I getting the feeling the bottom was the same color as the deck. I'm starting to think this was original.

    So.........my question is, did ZID hulls come 2 tone, white side and colored bottom? And the BIG question, if they did, is the bottom color Gel Coat or Hull Paint????
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    I don't think two-tones were built before 1982 or so, at least not except some very special individual cases, maybe. After that, every builder basically had their own colours; PSE started with two-tones in 1987 (latest), and for a few years they were the majority of new boats.

    No idea what the last Canadian builder did at that time, though. Posting a picture or two of your hull would certainly help.

    I don't think any Laser builder has painted their boats, ever. It might even be against the builder's manual.

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