Has KWILSON returned from the dead?

Discussion in 'The Dockhouse' started by Bradley, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Bradley

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    Hey Ken,

    I am glad to see you poking around on the forum today. We have missed your absense.

    Send me an email sometime when you get a chance. I don't think I have yours any more. The kwilson@laserforum.org email has been down sinced I moved to a new host several months ago.

    Are you interested in being part of the admin here at the forum?

    Anyways welcome back!!

  2. kwilson

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    Certainly... I would love to continue the admin duties. I still regularly enjoy my laser, more than ever. Although I'm trying to get the nerve to frostbite it this season... :p

    I'm glad to see that the forum is growing.... I remember way back in the beginning when Shiv was on the attack.... ;) and we spent every waking moment defending our first amendment.

    I'm gald to help continue helping the forum grow to new levels... :)

    Brad, I'f you have a new laserforum email address for me let me know what the web access to it is and I'll shoot you an email.


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