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    I was trying to smooth out the hull of my C14.2 and may have stripped away the entire gel coat layer!

    I got carried away with the Marine Tex and spread it on too thick and too wide as I had long scratches almost a third the length of the hull. Being the impatient sort, I resorted to 100 grit sand paper and an electric palm sander, followed by 150, 220, 320 and finally wet sanding with 600 grit. But after all of this, have I destroyed the gel coat?

    If I have, can I get away with just two or three coats of Teflon marine wax? Or is reapplying a fresh gel coat mandatory? Is it as simple as ‘painting’ it on? Or, is this a job better left to the professionals? If so, at what cost?

    C14.2 Fleet 21

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