For sale: UNIDEN HH940 waterproof VHF

Discussion in 'Laser For Sale Ads' started by Pierre Helias, Apr 2, 2008.

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    I have a:
    "Very good condition waterproof Uniden HH940 Marine VHF, with drop-in 110v charger, bought new in 1998-2000 (?), little use, spent more time in a bag than on the water. It works perfectly.The battery keep charge for approx. 15 hours in use (listen). The unit doesn't float by itself, but will in the FREE (my cat attacked it...) "West Marine" VHF neoprene pouch included in the sale. Perfect for a dinghy sailor. Shipping is at costy bu USPS Priority Mail."

    IT IS ON EBAY for the next 4 (four) days. Starting price: $0.99
    The item number is: 130211268748
    Good luck.
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