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    This thread has a list of the best answers to your questions so far. Only the admins can post here, so please make your suggestions for the best threads by e-mail or in another thread. This FAQ will constantly evolve, and I'll fill it in in the week to come.

    The Basics

    See the Laser buyer's guide as a Word doc. attachment below

    -Holt XD outhaul/cunningham

    Illegal rigging


    -Vang, Holt or Harken?

    -Installing a boom sleeve

    -Centerboard Trunk
    -Cockpit drain
    -Deck joint
    -Gelcoat repair

    -Mast step, Leaky Mast step, Mast Step and Deck Repair


    -Smooth Hull, this one takes you to the Schroth Fiberglass website




    -Class Rules
    -North American Laser Class Association

    Protecting and moving your Laser

    -Replacing the inner tubes on old Seitech dolly wheels

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