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Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by Ryan, Jun 16, 2003.

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    Laserheads -

    One of the PROs from last year's NAs forwarded a DVD that included footage
    from 2002 Master's NAs (about 25 minutes worth by my watch). It was a
    great overview of Austin, TX (not just the host YC) and Laser sailing as a
    whole, more than a racing recap of who beat who and how. The sailing was
    shot on one light day and one moderate. One would not view this to learn
    about boat handling. The DVD had an easy, enjoyable pace that mirrors the
    disposition of Austin well. Frankly, it's just fun to see anything
    sailing related get any coverage. Even AC stuff. But I digress...

    The highlight of the video in my mind is an interview with Fred "Keeldude"
    Schroth largely about the Laser Class operations and objectives. This was
    a fantastic refresher for me personally and would remind anyone of why
    they love Laser sailing, and for that matter, Fred.

    The interview with Ian and Chris Raab is hysterical. Like a Calvin and
    Hobbs pair goofing post-race and blasting the light-air conditions. Ned
    Jones (who I recall winning the event, but not from the coverage) gives a
    wonderful history lesson on the Laser and describes why the Laser
    (particularly Masters) has been so successful. He also goes through some
    of the rigging changes we recently were allowed to make.

    JuneRose Futcher and Marc Bear also get some time in front of the camera
    as well. All enjoyable stuff.

    Memorable on the water shots showed Claude Welles, Ian, and Chris Raab.

    The second half of the DVD was of Orange Bowl regatta. I recognized
    several successful products from the Jersey-shore youth programs. The
    sailing conditions were classis Coral Reef YC / neighboring US Sailing
    Center, that is to say, beautiful.

    This all has me motivated to get Laser sailing coverage of events out and
    available. I tried to get a rigging/tuning session shot during a quick
    clinic I tried to do for a brand new fleet in Rye, NY. But with three
    consecutive rainouts, it'll have to wait. I also have an idea to cover
    2004 Hangover Bowl at CPYC as a preparation maybe for 2004 NAs later that
    year. Clearly, the Hangover Bowl coverage would be fairly, if not very
    irreverent. Probably not something we'd be sending to say, promote 4.7
    sailing to youth programs. But it could be pretty amusing (see their past
    NORs and you'll get the idea).

    Anyway, this is something that could get put together pretty quickly if
    the response is pretty positive on the list and at TLF.

    See you on the water,

    Ryan Eric Minth, President
    ILCA of North America
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    any way any of us could get a copy of that dvd?

    Ross Bennett
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    Absolutley. A Website has been launched with multiple sailing event/titles.

    The DVD of the Austin Masters & Orange Bowl Youth URL is:



    - Ryan Eric Minth

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