Check your hardward and rigging

Discussion in 'Capri/Catalina 14 Talk' started by Allatoona, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Just a reminder to check all the screws, nuts, bolts, and rigging for problems.

    I found two screws sitting half way out on the plate where the forestay attaches to the mast. I found that I could turn the screw by hand and they could have fallen out at any time.

    The holes where stretched out and aluminum was stressed. A friend suggested JB weld, said it works great with aluminum. Last night I cleaned up the aluminum and built up the aluminum walls with the JB weld. It should harden more over the next couple of days and hopefully keep mast from falling on me while sailing.

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    I just purchased a new Capri 14.2 and this is good advice. Quick follow-up question: How do you attach new hardware (blocks, padeyes, etc) to the mast and boom? Do you drill a pilot hole and then use a self tapping stainless steel screw? Do you use loctite? Red (permanent) or blue (not permanent)?


    1990 Capri 14.2 Mod 2
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    I drill a pilot hole and self tapping stainless steel. Have never used Loctite, I just check the screws and make sure they stay tight.

  4. c14_Jim

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    Yes, that is what I have done too. I also have taken fittings off and filled the holes with J-B Weld and that worked fine, even matched the color. Today I was out sailing and noticed two screws in the base plate of the mast had backed themselves out 1/4" or more (Omega 14). Always something! Jim

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