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    I have an extra Capri 14.2 centerboard for sale. It's in excellent condition and includes the bungee cord. It's NOT suitable for a Mod 3. It fits only Mod 1s or Mod 2s. (If your boat has a large, grey-plastic Bomar hatch accessing an open cuddy, you have a Mod 3, built after about Hull Number 4500.)

    New boards are $272, plus shipping, from Catalina. I'll sell this one for $140, plus $25 for shipping. If you live in the San Diego area, there will be no shipping charge.

    Contact me at or at 858-569-6947.
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    This is a footnote to the above ad. The centerboard I'm selling is the kind that's solid fiberglass, which is much stronger and less prone to vibrate than the foam core ones used on the early model Capri 14.2s.
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    Please note this particular centerboard has been sold. If you need a new one you can order it from Catalina Yachts at 818-884-7700.

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