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    My boat is an Omega, but the centerboard size and arrangement is the same, or at least Catalina has the same part numbers for the board and hardware. Anyway, I have a line to pull the centerboard up, although in the water it comes up about 90% because it floats. I also have a line on the other side of the centerboard that pulls the buoyant board down. I noticed today that Catalina sells a bungee intended to hold the board down until you want to pull it up. I never thought about that, but it is one less string to pull. Answer this post and tell me what arrangement you have and what was standard when the boats were originally built.
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    Check at the transom near or on the floor and you will find the attachment point for the bungee. I worked with mine until it had just enough tension to hold the board full down when at full speed. Any more tension makes it more difficult to pull up and any less will not hold the board down all of the time. There is a dimension specified but I found it a bit off for my taste.

    Look toward the top and you will see a tab titled “C-14 hand book”. Open this tab and go to drawing 140-34001-11. There you will find on the left hand side of the drawing a line called “Shock Cord” it shows a snap hook on both ends. This is the part you are looking for. Now look at the chart on the left hand side of the page. Go down to line 15 “C.B. Control”. This line provides the specifications for the bungee used to hold the center board down. Buy it or build it and get on with sailing...

    Good luck!
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    I'm looking for the Capri 14 handbook you referenced, but don't see the "C-14 hand book" tab you mention. Could you provide a direct link?

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