Capri 14.2 Championship

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    Scott Finkboner won it yet again, all bullets. Samantha Olenick was second in Gold fleet. Pretty low turn out of 8 boats in gold and 11 boats in silver. Friday afternoon, Samantha Olenick won the 1st ever C14.2 Womens skipper fleet. The whole weekend was drenched in San Diego sun and fair temperatures with good wind. Sunday breezes picked up and there were some capsizes and some breakage. MBYC race PRO Brian Anderson and RC crew got off seven fair races for each the Gold and Silver fleets without a hitch. They also ran 3 races for the lady skippes in hard shifting (60-70 degree shifts) breezes on Friday.

    Would be nice to get a bigger turnout and someone to beat Finkboner. Maybe next year , hoping the economy is better by then.

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