Canadian Laser National Qualifier Regatta (District 6)

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    Laser NQR 2002

    November 14, 15, 15 and 17, 2002


    1. Organizing Authority
    The Organizing Authority is Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (RVYC), 3811
    Point Grey Road, Vancouver, BC. V6R 1B3

    2. Provisional Program
    2.1 The Race Office will be open at RVYC from 08:30 on Thursday,
    November 14, 2002.
    2.2 Registration will be possible from 08:30 to 12:00 on November 14.
    Sailing instructions will be available at the time of registration.
    2.3 There will be no measurement of hull or equipment prior to the regatta.
    Any measurement that results from protests will be performed in
    accordance with class rules.
    2.4 A competitors meeting will be held at 11:00, Thursday, November 14
    in the Ports of Call on the Lower Deck at RVYC Jericho.
    2.5 The warning signal for the first race is scheduled for 13:00, Thursday
    November 14. Racing will continue on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
    November 15, 16 and 17. The scheduled time for the first warning
    signal on those days is 10:30. Each day, subsequent races shall begin
    as shortly as practicable after the conclusion of the previous race.
    2.6 Twelve races are scheduled, with up to four races per day. No
    starting signal will be made after 15:00 on Sunday, November 17.
    2.7 After five races are completed, worst scores will be excluded. One
    race is required to constitute a regatta.
    2.8 Social events will be organized for Thursday and Saturday evenings
    and an awards presentations will be made as soon as practicable
    after completion of racing on Sunday.

    3 Entries
    3.1 This regatta is a National Qualifying Regatta for the International
    Laser Class. Sailors from nations other than Canada are welcome
    to compete and all competitors will be eligible for prizes. Competitors
    will be required to show compliance with RRS 75 by presenting proof
    of membership in their respective Member National Authorities. For
    Canadian athelets, a CYA club membership card is the normal
    method of proof.
    3.2 All competitors must be members of the International Laser Class
    Association (ILCA). Membership can be paid at registration.
    3.3 Registration will include completion and submission of the entry form
    (the location of a downloadable version will be announced later)
    together with a non-refundable entry fee of $60.00 Cdn.
    3.4 All competitors are recommended to carry third party liability
    insurance to the value of at least equivalent to $1,000,000 Cdn.

    4. Advertising
    4.1 Advertising in this event is Category C.

    5. Rules
    5.1 Racing in this event will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing
    including the CYA presciptions, the Equipment Rules of Sailing to
    the extent that they apply and the International Laser Class Rules,
    except as these may be modified by the sailing instructions.
    5.2 A Jury will be appointed. On Water Adjudication will not be used in
    this regatta.
    5.3 Starting procedures will be in accordance with RRS 26.

    6. Course
    6.1 Course will be a trapazoid course.

    7. Prizes
    7.1 Prizes will be awarded for the first five places among all the
    competing athletes.
    7.2 Prizes will be awarded for the first Junior and the first Master.
    7.3 CYA medallions will be awarded to the top three eligible Canadian
    7.4 A CYA medallion will be awarded to the top 21 and Under elegible
    Canadian athlete.

    8. Information.
    8.1 Any more infromation may be obtained by phoning or emailing
    Fraser Pearce (604-224-1344 or sail_dir You can
    also contact Andy Hunt at: 604-733-9663 or


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