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Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by Ross B, Mar 29, 2007.



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    Laser never changed? Oh, not so, grasshopper. Here are a few:
    Name change from 'Weekender' with TGIF on the sail to Laser
    Wood foils to glass/foam
    inside rails wood to plastic
    original Elvstrom sail to 3.2 to 3.8 oz cloth
    tillers and extensions opened up
    sleave allowed in boom
    traveler line knot arrangement allowed
    lots of configuration of the lines of vang, outhaul and cunningham allowed
    deck mainsheet cleats allowed
    bungee on board allowed, recently modified
    all new vang, outhaul and cunningham systems introduced
    line, then velcro and then metal JC sleave allowed at clew tie-down
    M, radial (several incarnations) and 4.7 rigs intoduced
    tape allowed here and there
    Anyone think of more?:
    I'd not enjoy the original Laser as much as I do today's craft. I bought Ron Krippendorf's 1974 boat with all original equipment a couple years ago. Strictly a museum piece. He used it three times and garaged it for 30 years. I opted not to sail it. Newer boats are more fun.
    But lack of a JC strap to automatically hold out the boom off the wind is not a deal-breaker.
    Dave Ellis
  2. Ross B

    Ross B Guest

    its kind of like the Clew Strap, you dont have to use it, its not a speed advantage, but if you want to use its there for you, and its more than welcome
  3. jimmy

    jimmy New Member

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    My two cents:

    The only time it would be usefull is running when the wind is light. If the wind is that light I am far enough forward in the Laser that I can just push/hold the boom out. There is a good chance of a preventer backwinding my sail too. If my sail does not want to stay out in those conditions I usually listen to the boat and throw in a nice roll jibe, or head up slightly to restore the airflow accross the sail. Once I am back in the groove I strongly consider sailing by the lee. Bottom line, I don't want one. I would not be upset if the class allows them though, seams like it could be accomplished with nothing more than a peice of bungee.

    Ian, I have my pro rig set up so that it is every bit as quick to rig as my first boat was in 1983. Perhaps even quicker because the boom sleeve makes the outhaul much easier.

  4. Scott B

    Scott B Member

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    One more:

    The rudder gudgeons changed from metal to plastic.
  5. 49208

    49208 Tentmaker

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  6. Ross B

    Ross B Guest

    nicely done
  7. Ross B

    Ross B Guest

    another good idea just came up from a Finn sailor from Sailing anarchy

    instead of dead ending it at the boom bails, it could just be kept going to the clew, and also work as an inhaul, seems like a good idea to me, but i would put a block on either side of the boom bails for the bungee to go through, to keep it nice and collected

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