Best Vacation Cabin Rental for Sailing

Discussion in 'Sailing Talk' started by BrainCorrel, Mar 21, 2009.

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    I get to choose the summer vacation spot this year! I am looking for a lakefront vacation cabin in the Ohio-Indiana-Illinois area that sleeps at least four. I am looking forward to just dropping the boat in off the shore and taking off without using a boat ramp or driving around.

    Also must have a good sized lake with decent wind for Sunfish. Where we live the winds are somewhat hit or miss. Let me know your favorite. If you are an owner who wants to rent, drop me a private message. I would like at least 2 star accomodations. The family does not like to rough it.

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    Well ... good wind, vacation cabin and listed states are on the list for heaven. You can get 2 out of 3!! I know spots for good wind, but I wouldn't call them vacation meccas. Places with nice cabins, on water but subject to the midwest calms ... All the best! Kansas has a state park with GREAT winds but the cabins are, uh, 1/2 star--bunk beds and trotty to the potty ...

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