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Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by Ken, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Ken

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    The line under my name in my posts read 'Rail Meat Technician'. I notice it is under other peoples names too. Can this be removed. I really don't want it under my name.

  2. Bradley

    Bradley Guest

    After 10 post it will go away. It is your rank on the site. Once you get to 10 it will change to something else. Once we upgrade to VBulletin you will be able to change it to whatever you want.
  3. drLaser

    drLaser Guest

    Great, Brad! Thanks!

    I hadn't liked the categorization (ranking) idea, either. I just wanted to be just like everyone else, and just allow the content of my posts to speak for themselves.

    It will be fine when we can control the line under the avatar, or just leave it blank.

    Thanks, again!

  4. macwas16

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    i like the ranking idea. basically cause im a grinder but it is like a christmas present really...you never know whats next.
  5. Goonie

    Goonie Guest

    Yeah I love the rankings, especially when they are funny like " Sunlight, where?" for the people who have 300 posts. I think you should keep them!
  6. kwilson

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    We just have to be carefull when the poster is ranked rail meat technician....and the poster is female.

    Sooner or later someone may call the womens league. :wink:
  7. Bradley

    Bradley Guest

    I actually like them to. If you have less than 10 post, post more and it will change. I am always open to suggestions on what those titles should be....

    As for the women actavist wackos (wait did I say that outloud) they should get over it, make 10 post and it goes away. The Rank is for newbies to the forum.

    I am also thinking that what I will do is until you get say 200 post you will have an assigned title, then after that you can change it to whatever you like. Just an idea, we will see.


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