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Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by rock steady, Aug 21, 2006.

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    From: http://www.sail-world.com/Australia/index.cfm?rid=1&DfPage=g

    Queenslander Brendan Casey explains from Qingdao his switch from Laser to Finn class 24 months out to the Beijing Olympics.

    'Victor Kovalenko and Yachting Australia make a strategic move to the Australia Sailing Team by switching me from the Laser to the Finn.

    'The reasoning behind this shift includes; the expected weather conditions in China, extremely light winds, as my weight is the upper weight range for the Laser at 83kgs and will be at the lowest weight range for the Finn.

    'My demographic better suits the Finn class in relation to body height, sailing style and age. Other Laser sailors around the world have successfully moved from the Laser class to the Finn in the last 12 months; Laser sailor Ed Wright finished third at the recent World Championships after his move in classes

    'The Laser Class is difficult to leave but Victor and Yachting Australia trust in my sailing abilities to successfully change class. I’m looking forward to the new challenge and the learning experience of moving from a pure racing sailboat to a development class.

    'I’m disappointed not to finish off my Laser sailing at the World Championships in Korea but it was just a question of timing and the time is now to make the switch.

    'Currently I am ranked eight on the ISAF Laser World Ranking list and other results this year in the Laser have been great with wins at 3 ISAF Grade 1 events, Australia Laser Championships, Mid Winters East and the North American Championships and 8th at the ISAF World Sailing Games.

    'With these successes, many other great results over my 15 years in the Laser, my experiences and fun times with the Laser and the Laser family I will take with me to the Finn.

    'I’m diving into the deep end researching the boat and competition by racing in the Olympic Test Event and the Finn European’s.

    'The first thing that has changed is my diet, my body weight is on the increase in the next six months I would like to put on 10 kilograms.

    'I am taking up this challenge and will be calling on your support. Get on board and become part of my team. Join my journey to Beijing and the pursuit of Gold! '

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    by Brendan Casey [/FONT]
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    Makes sense from the overall Aussie viewpoint. Not mentioned is the fact that Australia has other gold medal contenders in the Laser class. Now Brendan can compete with Ainslie, who, I think, will also sail Finn in the 2008 (pray for wind) Olympics.

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