Aluminum Rub Rail

Discussion in 'Sunfish Wanted Ads' started by Garrett12, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Garrett12

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    I have a 1971 Sunfish I am looking to see if anyone has some aluminum rub rail (enough to do the whole boat).

  2. sailcraftri

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    Where are you located? I am giving away a 1960's Sunfish that is heavy but has all the aluminum rub rail. Take the boat and the rub rail is yours. Located in Rhode Island. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo-dot-com.
  3. baseman

    baseman On the Water

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    Are you still looking for this? Where are you in NH? I have a rub rail you can have. It's from a Scorpion, but it should work.
  4. signal charlie

    signal charlie Well-Known Member Staff Member

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    Scorpion railing will work. You'll have to reshape bow with a mallet and you'll end up with 2 small pieces left over. We salvaged a Scorpion and put trim on a Sunfish where someone had bolted the bow together. And several Sunfish parts dealers sell the rivets, Yankee Boating Center, Annapolis Performance Sailing or Laser Performance

    Good luck,

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