Alcort Tapered Sailfish Mast

Discussion in 'Sunfish For Sale' started by oldpaint, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Is anyone near Cape Cod restoring an Alcort Sailfish? Do you need the tapered aluminum mast? I don't know when they went to the straight mast, but I recall that its before AMF. Perhaps one of the experts on Sailfish history knows. Anyway I have one that is very serviceable. The block and bolt at the top is not original. This is pickup only but to honor the wishes of the person who gave it to me, its free!

    If no one shows any interest by next Wednesday, the 21st, I'll be happy to give it to any of those who provide used equipment on this forum, who can sell it on.
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    What would it cost to ship it to south Alabama, Spanish Fort 36527?

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