Advice on Sanding/Grinding out the Mast Step

Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by perrylaser175120, Oct 20, 2015.

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    I picked up a free boat (86) and the mast step had been repair poorly with some marinetex (or other) along the lower sides and the bottom in an uneven way. The mast step leaks and the mast only goes in 13 inches, when it should go in 14 inches. I want to sand or grind that out a bit. Any suggestions?

    My ideas:
    -- Find a long drill extension and use a round sandpaper attachment.
    -- Find a long file.
    -- Use glue sandpaper and glue it to the bottom and sides of an old bottom section and use that to sand it.

    Any better suggestions?

    (The boat has an inspection port so I put some West System around the mast tube, over the poor previous fiberglass repair. I will put a couple layers of fiberglass around it too.)

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    The old bottom section with sandpaper has worked for me - I have also used a baseball bat when working indoors with a low ceiling
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    You might be able to rig something to spin an old bat with a drill, maybe screw a bolt/screw into the bat or other object, chop off the head, then you can fit that in the drill chuck to have a power sander

    might be able to find a dowel that size for cheap, try home depot in the trim and railing section

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