A Pair of 2006 Laser Pro-rigs

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    Selling 2 (two) Laser Pro-rigs and everything needed to campaign both of them! Both boats are in very good condition and have been garage stored (on Harken hoisters) since new.

    One is red/gray and the other is light blue/gray. The hull numbers are 190310 and 187674

    Dry stiff hulls... A few (buffable) minor scratches on the hulls bottoms.

    All rigging and foils (class legal and in average condition).
    An extra (pristine) class legal centerboard
    One Seitech Dolly
    One Kitty Hawk galvanized trailer
    2 full rig lower mast sections
    1 Radial lower mast section
    1 4.7 lower mast section
    3 full rig class legal sails
    1 full rig practice sail
    3 radial class legal sails
    1 4.7 practice sail
    2 upper mast sections
    2 booms
    top and bottom covers for each boat
    an APS dual laser carrier (designed to carry two lasers on one Kitty Hawk trailer).

    Contact me at dave at mdavidlong dot com



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