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Discussion in 'Sailing Talk' started by Wawasee, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Hi, I bought a very old Laser Sailboat in the late 90's, sailed 7 nm back and forth across Lake Wawasee in Indiana, then took it with me to Massachusetts. It has been in storage all this time. Have done lots of sailing, otherwise, and now considering getting back into Laser sailing next Summer (2010).

    The search function isn't helping me, much. Trying to find a Kitty Hawk trailer for sale, but just the "trailer" NOT "boat and trailer".

    Read somewhere that the ideal weight for a Laser sailor is 180 pounds. I'm 200 to 220 pounds. What's the ideal boat for me (single-handed sailing)?

    Is there a North American Laser Fleet list, somewhere? Am trying to find the closest Laser Fleet that will have me as a member. Am not trying to join, am just trying to find out where this fleet is located with contact info.
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    There are plenty of people sailing Lasers in the 200-220 lb range so don't worry about that.

    There is a list of fleets in District 7 (include MA) at http://d7.laserforum.org/?page_id=51.

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