3 Sobstad genoas, 1 jib, 1 spin, 1 main, plus 1 North spin

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    Time to clear make some space in the storage unit. I have pictures of all of these sails, just email me. None of these sails have been used since 2009. All sails are located in San Francisco, and I can ship. Also I'm going to New York in November if that helps anyone.

    2002 Sobstad main. Decent overall condition - still crispy, but is showing wear. Has a repair about an inch around and some stains. Sponsor graphic. $400

    2008 Sobstad Genoa, used in (and won) the 2008 Canadian champs, plus 2 practice days. $1200
    2004 Sobstad Genoa, used in the 2004 North American champs, 2005 US Nationals, and 1-2 other events. $900
    2000 Sobstad Genoa, used in 2 events only (2004 North Americans and one other). $800

    Brand new blade - Sobstad 2009, stamped for the 2009 Worlds but never raised. $1100

    2008 North San Diego SP-2 cut Spinnaker. Used in the 2008 Canadians and the 2009 Worlds. Has a sponsor logo. $1000
    2002? Sobstad. No repairs, good shape. $500

    You can email me at nigel@tunnacliffe.com or call me at 415-815-8929

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