2016 ProRig Laser XD w Kitty Hawk Trailer, Mk II Radial Cut Sail, Harken Boom Blocks, Dolly & Covers

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    I bought this boat over the winter to be my new race boat, but have decided to scale my program back this year and keep sailing my older boat for another two years - until I am not paying for any kids in college.

    For a savings of over $3,450 vs out of a dealer stock, you get:
    - 2016 Laser Performance hull, with your choice of either Full or Radial spars and rigging
    with Laser XD package of gear
    - GRP Blades
    - Full rig setup. Your choice of a rolled used Mark II radial cut on the Full rig or a used 3.8 oz class legal full rig
    - Practice 3.8 oz sail
    - If you want both the radial and full-rig set-ups and sail, add $400 to the price, for a total of $6,900
    - Top and bottom covers, blade bag
    - Seitech dolly with foam wheels
    - Carbon Fiber tiller and extension
    - Spars are nearly perfect condition

    All gear is 100% class legal.

    The boat is fast - it got 3rd at Midwinters East this year.

    The hull has one cosmetic 6in gelcoat scratch on the port bow above the waterline. Nothing structural and could either be left as is filled with Marine-Tex or similar. I could not get it to show in a picture, but did not want any surprises.

    All of the above for $6,500 or feel free to make offers.

    This package would be over $10,000 new, as below:
    Laser XD $6,765.00
    Freight $700.00
    Kitty Hawk Trailer - $1,200, if you could find one
    Dolly $495.00 - This pricing is from Dynamic Dolly, as Seitech does not seem to be shipping now.
    Covers $409.00 - This is Intensity Sails pricing on their Top, $189, and Bottom, $220, Top Gun Covers
    Blade Bag $70.00 - Also Intensity Sails
    Total $8,439.00
    Tax at 5% - no tax on freight $387
    Total $10,018.00

    Post here or Private message me if you are interested. Portable communication device is 74ate zeeero174, where the code for the area is 54(1 less than 1). Thanks for looking. Mike

    Stbd Beam w sail.png Stbd Beam w sail 2.png Stbd Beam 3 2016 .png Stbd Qtr w sail.png Stern 2016 w sail.png Port Qtr w sail.png Port Beam 2016 w sail.png Port Bow w sail.png Bow 2016 with Sail.png Port Beam 2016.png Stbd Bow Hull.png Stbd Qtr hull.png Port Qtr hull.png Port Bow hull.png Hull from Bow 2016.png
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    2011 Kitty Hawk Trailer, galvanized, in garage-kept condition, no rust, with title added to the package. Cost with the trailer is $6,500. Kitty Hawk Trailer 2011.png

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