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Discussion in 'Laser For Sale Ads' started by flaserlover, Aug 10, 2016.

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    4,800 EUR
    I have a 2014 Laser full rig, sail number 207288, which I am looking to sell immediately after the U21 Laser European Championships in Split, Croatia on August 27th. This boat was purchased by a fellow Canadian Laser Sailor for the 2014 Santander worlds, and he used it for the 2014 and 2015 European Season. This means that he used it for 4-5 months of the year, and it spent the rest of the time in storage. I bought the boat in March. The boat is in excellent condition and I am only selling it because I need the money. Otherwise, I would be happy to keep it for a couple more years.

    It could potentially be arranged for me to deliver the boat somewhere else in Europe, on the route between Split, Croatia and Belgium, as if I don't sell the boat in Split, I will be driving it back to Belgium and storing it there.

    The boat is for sale for 4,800EUR. Included in this price is:
    - UK built hull, #207288 - excellent condition. no leaks.
    - European style trolley
    - Top Cover and bottom cover - not great condition, they will work, but are very old
    - Foil bag - good
    - Uk daggerboard - Decent condition. The board itself is good and fits very well with the boat, but there has been a repair to the tip of the board.
    - Australian Rudder - Excellent condition. This is a very good rudder
    - Mark I sail - good condition for training, about 30 uses on it
    - 1 Australian top section - Excellent condition, very stiff
    - 1 Australian bottom section - Excellent condition
    - 1 Australian boom - Excellent condition, very stiff
    - 1 UK top section- good condition, this mast has just been end for ended.
    - 1 UK bottom section - Great condition. This mast has a very slight bend in it, but it is one of the lightest bottom sections I have ever seen which is very good.

    ***This price DOES NOT include: tiller, tiller extension, rigging, hiking strap, ratchet block, MarkII sail because I only have one set of these and need them for my other boat. If you need these things, we can negotiate to include them for an additional cost. ***
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