2012 Standard And Women's Radial World Championships

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  1. Just in from the International Laser Class Office: NORs are now available and the application process is now open. Also there are important details regarding major changes to the mandatory charter policy of prior years. Read on for more details and apply today if you want to be considered for a berth.

    Notice of Race 2012 Laser Standard and Laser Radial World Championships

    Attached are the Notices of Race for the above Championships in Boltenhagen, Germany, which also have been published on the ILCA web site:

    Laser Standard Men's Championship
    Laser Radial Women's Championship

    Details of the place allocations for each country are available at:

    Laser Standard Men's Place Allocations
    Laser Radial Women's Place Allocations

    View article on Laser.org
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    come to Boltenhagen and visit us! Boltenhagen really is a great place to sail comphetitive at GER!
    Even if you are a spectator (like me) it's a nice place to have vacations and beside of this: view to the "great art" all of the pro's out there on the water sure do show to us.

    All are invited to come!

    @Pro's (& their related coaches): Keep in mind, it's one of the final chances to improve your actual racing-performance, before very soon aft this major-event the wonderful Games at Weymouth begin!

    All Laserites at GER would be very proud to have YOU as our guests and competitors, accompanying coaches, members of staff or even just to be visitor/spectator at Boltenhagen!
    You'd never 've regrets about this nice event at the unique shore of the Baltic Sea!

    Additional informations f.e. you find here:


    Hopefully: See you in May 2012 at Boltenhagen!

    GER - DLAS Member
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    Am I right in thinking that they used to provide mandatory charter boats for the whole fleet at the Standard Worlds, but this year there are only 40 charter boats? Presumably this is related to LaserPerformance's stated intention to get out of the charter business?
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    Yep charters used to be compulsory for Radial Women and Standard Men. Charter has got very expensive too!

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