2011 Laser Master Worlds Wrapup

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    Its all over now, except for the shouting. 6 days of racing, 12 races in breezes from the low teens to the mid twenties. Congratulations to North American World Champions Bill Symes (Radial Grandmasters), Al Clark (Radial Masters), Ben Richardson (Standard Apprentice) and Buff Wendt (Women's Radial Apprentice)!! And congratulations as well to North American cubists Kevin Taugher (3rd Standard Apprentice), Scott Ferguson (3rd Standard Master), Russ Silvestri (4th Standard Master), Peter Vessella (2nd Standard Grandmaster), Bruce Martinson (2nd Radial Grandmaster), Peter Seidenberg (2nd Great Grandmaster) and Lindsay Hewitt (4th Great Grandmaster).
    A wrap up of the event can be found on the event website, as well as the results. Several photographers captured the week in pictures and have posted them online. You can find Chris Ray's photos (shown after racing each day in the club) at this link, and for Chuck Lantz follow this link.
    Thanks to the St Francis Yacht Club for a memorable event!

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    Sorry, I inadvertently left Lars Hansen (4th, Standard Grandmaster) off the original post. I have rectified that at www.laser.org and wanted to note that here.

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