2007 Laser Master Worlds in Spain

Discussion in 'Laser News Desk' started by mackconsult, Mar 21, 2007.

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    Looks like I will not be doing transpac know, so thinking about laser master worlds in spain in september.

    I have the following in my schedule book:


    NOR was supposed to mailed out in February but have not heard anything. Any one have any other URLS or information on this event. In particular looking for NOR & charter opportunities.
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    Probably a better link (though not yet with any additional information) is http://events.laserinternational.org/en/events/overview/100z8
    Currently it is the same content as above but has a box of links that will become active when NOR/registration is ready. Note that ILCA usually opens registration with the NOR, so I'd not expect to see the NOR until they are ready to take entries.

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