2001 14.2 in TN $2500

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    *SOLD* 2001 14.2 in TN $2500

    I have a 2001 14.2 swing keel, 3rd owner, it's been a garage queen for me and the prior owner. Looks like it spent a couple of years outdoors early on, but it's reasonably clean. Overall very good condition- I'm a pretty meticulous guy...

    It has a few small issues (some minor gelcoat cracks on benches, a chip in the bow, couple of battens missing, etc. but overall a very nice rig. Also has an outboard mount, and I'll throw in anchors, paddles, etc. (have a 2007 3.5 Nissan long shaft <5 hr that we can talk about).

    Trailer is a 1991 with good tires, I towed the rig on several 350+ mile trips no problem.

    I have no idea how to price these, NADA low retail is $2970, how's $2500 for the boat/trailer and $750 for the motor?

    Pics at http://s268.photobucket.com/albums/jj17/cczarnik/capri/

    Middle tennessee- Chuck


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