1982 Sunfish Race

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    1982 Sunfish Race
    Solid, with reliable metal rail not found on new boats.
    Purchased from and Endorsed by TX Sunfish Race Coordinator
    See: www.lonestarracing.org

    North Race Sail with Window (6 mo. Old)
    Race Rudder (1 yr old)
    Race Daggerboard (1 yr old)
    Jens Rigged (Gust Adjust) included
    Loring/Burks design Adjustable Hiking Strap (new)
    New cockpit bailer
    Harken CARBO ratchet block
    Race Cunningham
    Race Outhaul
    Halyard (1 yr old)
    Mainsheet 7mm BZZZZ (1 yr old)
    Trailer (very soft ride, new lights)
    Seitech Dolly
    Spar travel bag

    Price: $2000

    Shaun Hoffmann

    Pics found here: http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/boa/1103927175.html
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