1981 Super Sunfish for Sale and Trailer: $650

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    1981 Super Sunfish! Has not been used for about 25 years. Very decent shape for its age. Basically ready to sail provided new lines are installed (not supplied in sale). New owner might also want to repair two small holes in the sail before using it (see pics). Shows some cosmetic imperfections -- a few dings here and there, some surface hairline cracks in several areas (difficult to show on pics), and one repair patch done by the previous owner on the right side of the hull which has been stable since 1984 and appears to be still structurally sound and sturdy. Rudder was replaced and used only a few times (basically a 25-30 year old new rudder). Sail has brand new battens and trailer has brand new wheels and wiring.

    Add posted with pics on Craigslist, Statesboro, GA: Super Sunfish with Trailer
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