1981 J/24 #2700

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    Looking to sell my J/24. Sailed this summer. Includes two main sails (one with reefing points), 150 genoa, 100 jib, and spinnaker. 2nd owner sailed if for over 30 years before I bought the boat.

    Deck fittings are originals but work well. There are not very many updates but this means that no one has drilled into the deck to do a bad job of sealing it. I did not have the boat inspected but there are no soft spots around the deck and hull everything feels structurally sound.

    All new halyards

    I am including a 6hp outboard, if wanted. Idles and runs in neutral but dies when thrown into gear. Motor is in rough shape but may be able to be fixed. I will hopefully fix it myself or replace it over the winter months.

    Will post photos as soon as available
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