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  1. imported_sailon
    imported_sailon Henry W
    I note that you inquired about Shockwave. I purchased her a little over a year ago. I have found due to my schedule that I am hardly using her. If you are interested in purchasing Shockwave, email me at I'll let her go for what I paid which is $5,500. She is located in Melbourne, FL.
    Art Ahrens
  2. 1000 Islands
    1000 Islands Bill Trepicchio
    Hi Bill. I believe I replied the wrong way. I posted a reponse to your post instead of simply replying to you directly. We are looking to replace our lost Pre-1971 Sunfish. We are visting our daughter in Portsmouth / Dover NH area this weekend. We live in Clayton NY and we are not in the NE area much. Would it be possible to meet you next Sunday the 22nd? I would bring our truck and plan to take it home with us.
  3. Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider
    I never had sex with that woman... and I didn't inhale either, ya fools!!!
  4. sujon ahmed
    sujon ahmed
    I am a simple man
  5. existbi
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  6. studyinAustralia
    Top Education Agency in Philippines for International Study
  7. studyinAustralia
    Top Education Agency in Philippines for International Study
  8. Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider
    "Mr. Crowley, won'tcha ride my white horse..."
  9. EDH
    EDH jrostrom
    I am interested in the Laser if it is still available. Please text or call me at 206.850.7386
  10. jmhoar
    I have a 1989 Capri 14.2 in need of a mainsail, rudder and tiller which were lost in a fire. Looking to replace. Please contact me.
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  12. John MacAllister
    John MacAllister
    This boat is no longer for sale
  13. blackberrygirls
  14. GlobalCustomBoxes
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  15. John peter
    John peter
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  16. Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider
    "O, Give me a home where the chicken trucks roam, and the bears and the D.O.T. pla-aaaaay... "
  17. buycasejp
  18. buycasejp
  19. buycasejp
  20. irene laya
    irene laya
    Best Education Agency in Indonesia to Study Overseas