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  1. jmhoar
    I have a 1989 Capri 14.2 in need of a mainsail, rudder and tiller which were lost in a fire. Looking to replace. Please contact me.
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  3. John MacAllister
    John MacAllister
    This boat is no longer for sale
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  5. GlobalCustomBoxes
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  6. John peter
    John peter
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  7. Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider
    "O, Give me a home where the chicken trucks roam, and the bears and the D.O.T. pla-aaaaay... "
  8. buycasejp
  9. buycasejp
  10. buycasejp
  11. irene laya
    irene laya
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  12. Kavita Agarwal
    Kavita Agarwal
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  13. arun G
    arun G
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  14. SethXavier
    SethXavier marpessa
    Good Afternoon I just purchased a Koralle II just like your. I had a few questions about the centerboard on yours. Thanks!
  15. Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider
    "Still Alive And Well..." (Johnny Winter version, that dude ripped on guitar, LOL)
  16. Bildahl
    Bildahl Artssailboatstuff
    do you have the interior cushions for sale ?
  17. SalishSailor
    SalishSailor RobbyRubino
    I am in Bellingham, WA and rebuilding a J24 that needs a set of sails, etc. Have you sold all your gear?
  18. CaptainTonyCT
    Hi Scott. Do you still have that mast? Text 860-301-5737
  19. mcmillan rose
    mcmillan rose
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  20. David Hurley
    David Hurley
    Captain,Master , Chief Officer wanted (UK Job Offer)